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       A wide variety of PHD pneumatic grippers are available for internal and external gripping uses and have various jaw styles to adapt to any application. They range from high-precision miniature sizes to heavy-duty models capable of more than 1600 pounds of grip force. PHD offers angular grippers that open at an angle and parallel grippers that open directly apart. Pneumatic and electric grippers with a wide assortment of options and accessories. The wide variety of options provides flexibility to utilize the best end effector for pick and place, industrial assembly, and end of arm tooling for robotic automation systems.

       PHD offers a diverse spectrum of built-to-need actuators, OEM drop-in components, electric actuators, specialty workholding clamps, and motion control robots. Long life and superior design have become hallmarks of the PHD brand. From single actuators to multi-unit systems, PHD prides itself in creating total solutions for virtually any application requirement, complete with prompt delivery and dedicated support. 

We’ve got you covered from every axis of motion:

• Cylinders

• Grippers

• Linear Slides

• Clamps

• Rotary Actuators

• Escapements

• Multi-Motion Actuators

• Switches & Sensors

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