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Filter Element and Oil Cleaner

Oil-Water Separator




  • Primarily separates the 0.5mm oil layer floating on the mixture of oil by means of floatation device and re-separates the mixed oil effectively in the secondary separation tank (99.9% separation)

  • With total weigh of approximately 15kg, installation is convenient although it has maximum capacity. It uses low voltage and current of 220V, 25W and 0.23A

  • Semi-permanent as it has no consumable components


Kass has added the function to control the oil level by means of buoyancy and specific gravity by developing floating substance, and developed device that separates oil and water that collects only the oil from the 0.5mm oil layer. With simple structure and ease of installation, it has the advantage of effectively separating the oil from water within short period of time.

Industry of Application

  • Separation of mixture of petroleum and sand for recycling

  • Preliminary and post processing of plating and thermal processing

  • Recycling of sludge in crude oil tank

  • Separation of water and oil in petro station and car washing centers

  • Recycling of crude oil from the oily bilge water

  • Recycling of oil pans

  • Removal and separation of grease from the metal cutting oil

  • Machine tool options



แผนก  Filtration


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