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Oil/air cooler OAC eco : KTR

oil cooler.png

Reducing noise and saving energy

  • Energy consumption optimised ti requirements

  • Variable speed fan motor

  • Infinitely variable adaptation of cooling capacity based on requirements

  • Operating volrage 2 - 4 V

  • Protection class IP65

  • Cooling capacity up to 25 kW with ΔT : 40ºK

  • CE certification

  • High-performance cooler core made of aluminium for a maximum static operating pressure of 10 bar

  • Three temperature curves pre-set

  • Cleaning operation & program change at the touch of a button during operation

  • Oil inlet temperature is permanently displayed 


  • Cooler core made of aluminium

  • Fan cover made of steel

  • Fan made of nylon incl. protective grid

  • Motor 24V, IP65

  • TFSC (Temperature Fan Speed Control)

  • Temperature sensor

     The OAC eco series is based on the previous standard, reduces noise which is generated and the energy consumption without accepting any loss in performance.

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