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Super Blower


Compared with other type blowers, the advantages of RAETTS high speed centrifugal blower lie in quick air flow speed along with high pressure and huge amount of air flow.

Having adopted the world's leading fluid dynamics principle, and inspired by airplane turbo system, RAETTS high speed centrifugal blower is featured by super low energy consumption, huge pressure and great air flow. Therefore this centrifugal blower can reach 13,000 to 284, 00 RPM at rotating speed.

  • Driven by European IE2/E3 standard ABB high efficiency motor.

  • Oil free operation, makes the air flow clean and without pollution.

  • Excellent driving structure (impeller speed can reach 13000-28400r/min).

  • Anti-corrosion Teflon coating, makes blowers can work in acidic and corrosive environment.

  • Genuine SKF&NSK bearing applied to achieve higher speed and greater reliability.

  • Specially designed fluid system, energy efficiency ratio can reach more than 70% (2 times higher than that of other high pressure blower).

  • Super huge airflow and excellent energy-saving ability (improve 2-3 times production efficiency and save more than 60% electricity power).

When installing and using the blower, you must consider the on-site space and arrange the piping and wiring reasonably. In order to facilitate the layout design and installation of the customer, the Raetts super blower provides a flexdble air outlet position for customers to choose, so please specity the position of the air outlet when ordering.


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