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Honed Tube & Hard Chrome Rods

เสื้อกระบอกไฮดรอลิค และแกนกระบอกไฮดรอลิค สำหรับ Hydraulic Cylinder


Hard Chrome Piston Rods


Specifications :

  • External Diameter Accuracy: f8

  • Surface Roughness: Ra0.2μm ~ Ra0.4μm

  • Hard Chrome Thickness: 20Micron ± 10%

  • Surface Hardness: HV 850 (Minimum) up

  • Straightness: 0.15-0.25/1000mm

  • Standard Length: 3M ~ 6Mup

  • Standard Size: 6Φ ~ 200Φ

  • Material: JIS S45C, SAE1045,DIN CK45


*Other special specifications & materials can be made based on customer request.


Honing / Skiving Seamless Steel Pipe

Specifications :

  • Internal Diameter Accuracy: H7, H8, H9

  • Internal Roughness: Ra 0.2μm ~ Ra 0.8μm

  • Straightness: 1-1.2/1000mm

  • Standard Length: 3M~11M

  • Special Length: 12M

  • Internal Diameter: 18Ø~ 300Ø

  • Material: JIS STKM13C, DIN ST52, SAE1020


*Mechanical construction use carbon steel pipes, Other specificationscan be made based on customer request.

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