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High Pressure Pump Technology

High Pressure Pump Technology : Haskel

ปั๊มแรงดันสูง ปั๊มอัดอากาศ ปั๊มอัดแก๊ส ปั๊มของเหลว Air amplifiers, Liquid pump and Gas booster, High pressure valve and accessories

Advantages :

  • Ability to stall at any predetermined pressure and hold this fixed pressure with consuming power or generating heat.

  • No heat, flame or spark risk.

  • Infinitely variable cycling speed output.

  • Up to 100,000 psi (7,000 bar) pressure capability

  • Easy to apply automatic controls.

  • No limit or adverse effect to continuous stop/start applications.

  • Air drive does not require an external line lubricator saving on running cost and preventing oil vapor contamination of the surrounding environment

  • Reliable, easy to maintain, compact and robust

Specification :

  • Liquid Pump
    Liquid Pumps (Pressure to 100,000 psi [7,000 bar]) for Hydraulic, Water,  Solvent, Petroleum Bases, etc.

  • Air Amplifier
    Air Amplifiers ( Pressure to 5,000 psi [340 bar] ) for Air

  • Gas Booster
    Gas Booster ( Pressure to 35,000 psi [2,400 bar] ) for N2, He, Ar, O2, Ne and others


แผนก  Vacuum Pump


Email :

โทรศัพท์ : 02-726-8000 ต่อ 606 - 623

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