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Filter Element and Oil Cleaner

Filter Element F-180, F-110


F-180, F-110


It is a Filter Element specially manufactured through unique engineering methods of KASS by strictly selecting the vegetable cellulose fiber pulp that contains abundance of hydrophilic hydroxyl-radical.
Various foreign matters with sizes of more than 0.1 micron including metallic particles arising from wear, and carbon, oxides, moisture and dusts generated or infiltrated into the machine during operation are removed through deep bed filtration and adsorption actions as they pass through the upper level of the element and 110mm filtration layer. 
Air-tightness due to the oil that flows into the space between the layers of the filters that form the element of the ROLL prevents the passage through the layers of oil.
Pollutant flows downwards as they pass through the filters with thorough removal of the pollutants and moisture as they undergo countless number of repetitive filtering.


แผนก  Filtration


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