Bleed  & Purge Valve : SuperLok


Bleed Valve


Application : bleed valves can be used on instrumentation devices such as multivalve manifolds or gauge valves to vent signal line

pressure to atmosphere Before removal of an instrument or to assist in calibration of control devices.

Specifications :

  • Maximum operating pressure up to 10,000psig (689bar)@100℉ (38℃)

  • Operating temperature range -65 to 850℉(-54 to 454℃)

Testing :

  •  Each valve is tested with nitrogen@1000psig(69bar)to max leak rate of 0.1 SCCM.

  •  Hydrostatic shell test is performed at 1.5times the working pressure as an option.

Purge Valve


Application : purge valves are manual bleed, vent, or drain valves. One-quarter turn with a wrench from finger-tight obtains leaktight closure on first makeup. Snugging with a wrench ensures closure to the rated pressure with subsequent makeups.

Specifications :

  • Maximum operating pressure up to 4,000psig (275bar)@100℉ (38℃)

  • Operating temperature range -65 to 600℉ (-54 to 315℃)